Why lead generation is key for business growth ?

By: Ahmad Melki
In: Marketing
2020, August 18

What are leads?

Rather, who are they? Leads are not just visitors who come to your store's website while aimlessly surfing the internet. These are those who are already interested (at least a little!) In your products.

For example, a person saw contextual advertising in a search engine or targeted advertising in social networks. Or I heard about your store from a friend or colleague - on word of mouth .
And then I followed the link or deliberately typed the address of your store in the search engine line.

Doesn't it look like anything? These are the main sources of traffic ! Traffic can be targeted and non-targeted. Let's draw an analogy with a fishing net.

Non-target, together with fish, brings litter, silt, garbage from the river bottom. And it is not known what there will be more in this seine.
The target one gives a select large fish - you can do whatever you want with it.

Now the fish has swallowed the bait - it got to your site. It is important that she does not get off the hook and continue her further voyage: adding products to the basket, leaving contact information.

Ideally, I made an order and paid for the goods. Your managers come into play, who must lead the interested visitor to the purchase, various chips on the site that attract the attention of the buyer. That is, the same classic sales funnel that any manager knows about.

We'll talk about the chips later. In the meantime, let 's talk about lead generation - these are special marketing moves that help attract leads to the site - interested visitors.
How can this be done?

Lead generation. Start Before taking action, we advise you to analyze your business .

1. First, study your target audience.

To generate leads, you need to understand who your customer is. What age is he, gender, where he lives and where he works, what he loves and what he enjoys..

2. Research your traffic sources.

This point directly depends on the previous one - your target audience. Seniors can find out about your online store from a TV ad, a booklet or flyer given by a cheerful promoter at the mall, from a praise article in the media.

For students, these traffic sources are not authoritative: they respect video bloggers, Instagram divas, social media stars, and other fashion mates. Well, you get the idea: choose traffic sources based on your target audience.

3. Think over a lead generation scheme.

It depends on how interested potential customers are in your product. Let's say you sell women's clothing . The demand for it is huge, everyone needs clothes. The target audience itself is interested in shopping: women make inquiries in search engines, looking for online stores and dropshippers . This is called direct lead generation: when the target audience is active themselves.

You just need to push her to make purchases specifically in your online store. We think it's clear how to do this: announce a sale, lower the price , order contextual advertising so that your store is found by keywords in a search engine, and agree on cooperation with popular bloggers or celebrities.

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