How augmented reality is perceived in Tunisia

By: Ahmad Melki
In: AR Environment
2020, Dec 25

Over the last few years, augmented reality has become one of the most valuable marketing tools for numerous companies like BMW and TopShop.

From gaming, augmented reality has moved to retail and ecommerce industry where it is a great tool for attracting new customers. This technology is gaining popularity across the globe.

The immersive technology is only gaining momentum across retail, but it has already started surprising us and turning our fantasies into reality…augmented reality.

What Makes Augmented Reality So Attractive

The most important drawback of ecommerce is that it can’t provide shoppers with tactile interactions, a high level of a personal approach, and product delivery compared to bricks-and-mortar stores.

Augmented reality can help online stores provide their customers with a deeper and more realistic shopping experience.

- Try Before They Buy

- Enriches The Shopping Experience

- Matches Mobile Users

Why consumers prefer augmented reality ?


A survey showed that 62% of consumers would rather physically interact with an item that they consider purchasing.

And because customers prefer interacting with the product they consider buying, the augmented reality applications offer them an interactive experience where they can visualize the product before buying it.
Such privilege is not even possible with traditional online buying from eCommerce websites.

That's why we found that...


How Tunisians prefer to use AR technologies

When it comes to the best industries that clients will enjoy the augmented reality app the most we found that the home decoration and furniture are in the top of mind of our respondents when it comes to shopping with augmented reality. The clothes and shoes are in second place and the jewelry and accessories are third in our little podium.


In Summary

Showcasing your products in 3D with Augmented Reality is a smart way to stay competitive and attractive. It is a technology that is transforming retail experiences for e-and m-commerce.

And augmented reality is more than welcome in Tunisia since 55% of survey responders confirm that they will buy a product if they visualize it in 3D.

we will stop here but our journey is continuing ...

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