Revealing 5 graphic design secrets for better Logo

By: Houssem Othmeni
In: Design
2020, August 14

Logo design is a crucial and exciting stage in the life of a company, because when creating it, you need to take into account many details: from studying competitors to choosing colors, fonts and shapes. Read on and get inspired with our top 5 advices for logo design :

1- Don't overcomplicate
2- Logo is not a puzzle
3- Color will make you more visible
4- Be yourself
5- Less beautiful curls

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1. Don't overcomplicate

The designer behind the famous Twitter bird once said his biggest secret is, "One logo, one idea." I like this precise approach because it keeps you focused on the essentials and doesn't overcomplicate your design.

The most successful companies today are those that support the principle of simple solutions, and this philosophy is reflected in their logos.

2. Logo is not a puzzle

My most helpful tip for you: the logo should not be too tricky or difficult to understand.

Sometimes business owners choose complex, sophisticated logos with a bunch of small details, and when such logos appear in advertisements on small smartphone screens or on business cards, all these details are mixed into a mess. Such a logo is completely meaningless.

Take a cue from big, well-known companies: their logos are written in clear block letters in simple, vibrant colors. These logos look great in any form and are easy for customers to remember.

3. Color will make you more visible

First of all, you should take a good look at your competitors. This will help you understand what colors and fonts are used in your niche.

Color is one of the easiest ways to stand out and make a brand stand out: by choosing the right color scheme that your competitors haven't yet taken over, you can effortlessly attract attention to yourself.

Researching your competitors will also help you decide on a typeface. You can choose a font that is not yet boring and will make you stand out from other companies. Just make sure the font you choose is the right style for your business. Don't choose crazy combinations just for the sake of uniqueness.

4. Be yourself

The logo must be relevant to what and how you do it. You founded a company and run a business - so be yourself and show who you are with your logo. The logo does not form the style of the company, no. It is the company itself that reflects what its logo should be, because the famous Nike swoosh is just a flourish on paper. A flourish by itself means nothing apart from the quality of the product and without the history of Nike.

5. Less beautiful curls

Resist the temptation to use all the fashionable design techniques at once. Many aspiring artists can't stop in time, adding more and more new details to the logo: glow, embossing, shadows and gradients at the same time. Understand that most of the time, the simplest logos are the best. Get rid of the beautiful husk and let your logo accurately reflect the essence of your business. And accept the fact that the simpler the design, the easier it is to remember.

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